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Please read carefully before buying a commission slot !


“Garden of Eden'' is my absolute pride and joy ! I've been getting lots of questions about if I'm going to sell the board and the answer is no. (Im too attached !!) However, I would absolutley be honored to make you another flower curated with your creativity for your home.


Please make sure to write your email address correctly in the personalization info. That is the way that I will be able to reach out to you and discuss your painting.




Floral Board commissions will start at $5,300 for a 24x24 circular board. The price will increase if there is an increase in size. These paintings are loaded with flowers hence the price.


Circular Canvas:

24x24 in. $5,300

30x30 in. $8,300

36x36 in. $12,000 (size of “Garden of Eden”)


Square Canvas:

24x24 in. $6000

30x30 in. $9000

36x36 in. $13,000




What sort of flowers can I add?


This commission can be as creative as you would like. We can make an all white floral board, rainbow order, etc. I am open to your creative thoughts and suggestions.


As you probably have seen through my social media videos, I have made a lot of different types of flowers. It is very rare, but there are a few flowers I cannot recreate. I will definitely try my best but I don't want to fully promise. If this happens and we discuss it and you are unhappy that I can't do a few I will refund you the slot fee.


How many flowers can I add?


It depends on the size of the floral board. There will be hundreds

of flowers and will be overflowing from edge to edge so its hard to put a number on it. We will definitely be able to add any sort of flowers you can envision


How long will this commission take ?


It all depends on the size of the canvas. I can imagine maybe around 2 months from start to finish.




I will be updating you on how the commission is going or if I have any questions.


Depending on the size of the canvas it may take me 2-3 weeks before I can update you on how the painting is going.


Once I show you my progress and what I currently have please let me know if you find something you are unhappy with. I will absolutely not be offended. I want you to be 100% happy with your painting.


It's also important to note that this is paint and will not look as delicate as real flowers. I will try my best but in the end it will not be the most exact!




After paying the $10 slot fee and discussing your project I do require a 50% deposit before I start. The $10 will go towards the deposit. I usually use Venmo or Paypal but any sort of payment is acceptable. After paying the slot fee and discussing the future project and prices, the deposit fee has to be paid 24 hours later. Deposits are nonrefundable. I pour my heart and soul into each painting so I'm sure you will not be disappointed :)


After painting is fully finished and ready to ship I will be asking for the remainder of the payment before shipping !




Shipping is included for domestic US customers


I also provide international shipping

, however, shipping is not included and I will be requesting extra payment based on the estimate I receive from US Postal Service. I usually request through Venmo but any standard payment is acceptable. This painting will be shipped in a crate so I am unsure of how much shipping will be.


It will be shipped in a crate to make sure the painting is not damaged from shipping and handling. It will definitely be safe!




99% of the time I am able to recreate your requests. However I have come across a few flowers where it turned out to be impossible. If you are unhappy with the idea of me not being able to make a few flowers I will refund your $10 slot fee.


If you decide to not go further with commission after paying a commission slot you will not be refunded and the slot will be reopened.


50% deposits are nonrefundable!


How do I take care of my painting?


Taking care of the paintning is extremely easy. When I ship the painting to you I will also supply a dusting brush so that you can dust your painting whenever needed.


It may look fragile but it is very durable and hard.



If you have any sort of questions please reach out to me



Thank you for reading ! This flower board is probably one of the coolest things I have ever created and I would be absolultley excited and honored to create another one in your style!

Flower Board Commission Slot Fee

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