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Hello! I am currently accepting commissions and I would love to create a 3D floral painting for you. If its for a special gift, a replica of your bridal bouquet or just for yourself then please feel free to fill out the form and I will get in touch with you as soon as possible. 

Each painting is unique and different and prices vary from the amount of flowers and how big the canvas size. 

There is at least a 2 month wait list. I just recently got a lot of attention from tik tok and have a lot of new projects to work on. I would love to work on yours as well but there is a wait list. :)

Response Time: Due to so much requests I did feel it would be better to respond once I can focus on more projects. It is easier to organize that way and differentiate everyone. It may take me 3-4 weeks to respond. 

Deposit : These commissions do require a lot of communication which takes up a lot of time for me. To make sure that you are 100% sure I do require a 25% deposit for the painting. Just to protect myself and my time. Of course this will be added towards your order. 

Thank you for all of your support! <3

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